How cops used virtual reality to recreate Tamir Rice, San Bernardino shootings

Nsikan Akpan  of  PBS wrote a nice article detailing how FARO 3d Laser scanners were used in the Tamir Rice and San Bernardino shooting cases.  Green Forensics uses the FARO X330 long range scanner mentioned in the article.  In addition to the capability to capture our own data, having expertise with laser scanning, has provided us with the ability to work with scan data captured by police agencies immediately after the crime scene.  In the future we expect laser scanning to become a very common tool used in the documentation of crime scene.

David Dustin of Dustin Forensics was quoted several times in the article.  Brian recently completed David Dustin’s advanced training course at the IAFSM conference.

Here’s a look at a shooting scene scanned by Green Forensics:

Here’s a link to an earlier post with more information about this scene: