Pacific Northwest Division IAI conference in Boise Idaho

We’ve just returned from the Pacific Northwest Division IAI conference in Boise Idaho.  Karen taught an 8 hour course on reproducing bloodstain patterns (previously presented at the NWAFS meeting in September).  Discussion points included the NAS report “Strengthening Forensic Science in the United States: A Path Forward”, the scientific method, and the responsibility and goals of the scientist creating experiments in the lab.  For the hands-on portion students used pig blood to re-create bloodstain patterns and test their hypotheses regarding the deposition of bloodstains.

Our next trip is approaching quickly.  We are excited to return to the DeWitt Police Department in Syracuse, New York for another course of Crime Scene Investigation I.  The course is 40 hours and focuses on the identification, preservation and collection of evidence.  Note-taking, sketching, and photography are highlighted and several mock scenes are used for teaching throughout the week.  We expect the outdoor scenes to be much more enjoyable in May than they were in November!