Training Services

All classes can be tailored to your needs and modified for beginning or advanced students. Please contact Green Forensics for further details.

Crime Scene Investigation

A properly investigated crime scene is the base upon which every good case is built.  Learn skills to process a variety of scenes and understand the basic processes that must occur every time.

Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

Blood is a part of nearly every crime scene and the recognition of unique bloodstains is crucial. Learn how to recognize and identify different patterns as well as how to choose and properly collect samples.

Proper Documentation Techniques

It is frustrating to return from a scene and discover your notes and/or photographs don’t accurately represent what you observed.  Learn how to take proper notes, sketches, and photographs that are useful and informative every time.

Crime Scene Reconstruction

Crime Scene Reconstruction is one of the most difficult parts of forensics.  Learn how to incorporate notes, photographs, and reports into a final product that is well organized and easy to understand.

Evidence Handling and Packaging

The quality of the evidence collected starts at the crime scene.  The laboratory depends on the proper collection and packaging of submitted evidence to obtain optimal results.  Learn how to handle a wide variety of evidence to ensure it’s security.